(wind's nest)
Multisensory art installation & performance, materials: plastic sheets, fishing line, glue, metal wire, toilet paper, dead plants, lava rocks, glass beads, two screens, light, oil, food coloring, water, hard plastic, wood, overhead projector, glassware, loud speaker, microphone, synthesizers, laptop, effect pedals

Where can a wind make a home when there's no trees? 
We wanted to create a soft space for wind (and others) to feel calm. Multisensory art experience Tuulenpesä (wind's nest) was created to the SíM Korpúlfssta∂ir project space. Sound, visuals, acoustics, haptics, vibrations and participatory were all present. 
Installation, decoration, space planning, sculptures, sound, 3-channel visuals by Susse & Joonas Parviainen.
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